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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Saki Designs Purses

And Saki designs them very well. My dear friend Alexia Abegg is behind SDP. She was kind enough to create a new bag and present it to me for my birthday. I was also given an apron from Lori designed by SDP. Ive posted some pics of the bag and apron below.. Harvey is my apron model. I think he looks quite fetching in it. He was doing his best Alton Brown impression....

If you want to know more about Saki - Please go visit her blog of created delights:

From there she can guide you on how to contact her, when the desire for her one - of - a kinds takes over!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Day in the Life of me..

Im 33 years old today. My mom tells me the story of my birth each year. I keep forgetting it. Here she is in her own words to tell it to you all:

I know I have told you the story before, but I always like "re-living" the birth of my girls. Wish I had had my mother to share with me. I played bridge, believe it or not, when in Mississippi and had been asked to make a foursome that Friday morning. I was not a great player, but it was fun and a good way to meet people. Anyway, I knew I felt bad, and thankfully had a doctor's appt. later in the day. When I went in, he said I was starting to dialate. So, I went home and cleaned up a little. I had a very good friend that lived downstairs in our apt complex. She had one daughter that was probably about 10. Daddy was off in another nearby town on business, so Carol drove me to the hospital and let Daddy know.
He got back in town just before the birth; you were delivered by a sweet doctor, and
the birth was the easiest of the three. I think it was early evening. So, that is how you entered the world and our world, on a muggy evening in Mississippi!



I quite like that story. Sounds like my kind of birth... Though im sure i would have slipped in an acceptable glass of wine there sometime..

For lunch today i shared a hotdog with Teena at our favorite little dog joint.
Its yummy and fast and small and yummy.
Hot Diggity Dog! Thats mine with the velveeta cheese. They call that a "Texan" if you get chili on it. I declined the chili today. Teenas there with the "New York"
They have outstanding fries!
Its been a good birth - day so far.

A Brand New Person!

Our Friends Joanie and Jonathan had their second baby this week.. Meet Audrey Catherine Goforth. We were able to spend some time with them last night..
Thats grandma in the last picture..