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The Adventures of BunnyCat

Friday, June 08, 2007

All things go

"Nothing is permanent, except impermanence."

My mom just replied to an email today that Bunnycat has passed. I know that seems like a harsh way to deliver the news.. but I am at work...

Anyway.. see an earlier post - He was living the good life in SC with Mom and Dad.

Bunny always had a wonder lust as all cats do.

He began wondering out of the yard and toward the "road". This is where he met his predictable demise. An older woman hit him with her car.. Apparently he began to cross the road, cleared her car then darted back the opposite way second guessing himself and causing them to collide.

She stopped her car, asked a neighbor in their yard if they knew who he belonged to.

She and the neighbor wrapped him up and solemnly headed toward Marcia's. She is the cat lady.

Mom is having him burried under her dogwood tree, by Dad, whom bunnycat adored.

A very fitting spot as my mom's favorite tree is the dogwood and her favorite companion for the past year has been my Bunnycat.

he was quirky and pesky and fluffy and adorable.

I will miss him.