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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

$ 3.15

gas. gosh.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Up to our elbows in bubble wrap

We are completely in the throws of packing.
Our apartment is cardboard box brown. Bizzy is moping because we are busy working and not tossing toys around with him. If he only knew he was gonna be trapped in a car for 3 days.......Im not looking forward to that part.
We are ready and happy - just sort of waiting now..

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dream wall

These are more images of Noble Rot.. I love the wall stacked with wine bottles. Wine just gets me so friggin excited! Cant wait to go!
I cant seem to keep more then two bottles round the house.. i always open and drink...

Birthday Fun!

Harvey, Dd, Alan and I are going here for some wine and tapas. Ive never been, but we have had our eye on the place for a few years now. Finaly we are getting around to going!

I think ill try the Australian Wine Flight. It features some wine from very very old vines.. fascinating! The Onion Tart is famous around the not sure if i will try it......
take a look at the site for fun.. its really pretty!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Red Velvet Cake: Southern Treat or Delicious Myth?

Im southern, obviously. I grew up loving Red Velvet Cake. No one, in my opinion can make one better than Aunt Ann. I guess I always thought it was a truly southern thing.. I have had a heck-of-a-time finding a bakery in the NW that makes one let alone has heard of it. Most of my friends have not either.
A gal I used to work with who is from Cananda was so intrigued - she made one for me for my bithday a few years ago. ( IT WAS GREAT).
I also always thought that it was a really tough cake to make - sort of an urban legend. This was mostly because my sister tried it when we were younger and it was a blood colored mess. ( she mixed up her sugar and salt i think _ CLASSIC, right?)
SO....Im making it today for my birthday, in the form of cupcakes. I will be using the family recipe i grew up on. Most recipes dont differ by much... I cant wait to devour a few dozen!!
I find cupcakes are easier to force on coworkers than slices of cake.
I did find this little fact about the origin of this mighty cake:

"Although the details are sketchy at best, red velvet cake is not as Southern as many like to think. The story, which began circulating some time in the 1940s, claimed that Manhattan's elegant Waldorf-Astoria granted a diner's request for the recipe, then a short time later sent her a bill in the amount of $100. The angry woman, apparently with revenge in mind, then began circulating the recipe along with the story."

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Im just ready for fall. I get really impatient as August drags out. Not only because we are moving back to our beloved South next month.. but because Its my favorite season and im ready for some cool crisp air. (I shouldn't complain as the weather is so mild here.)
I just adore all things that the fall brings....

Memes - what the hell

Responding to Alexia.. tell me if this is right:

5 Albums on my Itunes ( i-lack-ipod-gasp-as-well...whatever !! we collect records ok?!)

1. Elvis Costello - The Very Best of.. (unstopable)
2. Rufus Wainwright - Poses and Roses
3. And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead - Source Tags and Codes
4. Calexico - The Black Light
5. Gilberto Gil - The Early Years

5 Movies I have seen recently

1. Tommy Boy - I was forced. it was ok.. gin helped
2. 13 Going on 30.. sorry a fav!
3. Troy
4. Devils Playround
5. Rosemarys Baby

5 Nice Things that Have Happened to me lately

1. Many patients at work express to me that i will be missed..(as will they)
2. New car.. i adore it. does that count?
3. Re-Connected with a very dear friend here in the NW ( she came from TN)
4. Another patient keeps bringing me his prize winning roses... stunning! (no worries - hes over 50!)
5. I have my birthday off from work next week! a first ever! ( subtle hint)

5 Songs in Heavy Rotation - im gonna list complete records as we listen to the whole thing

1. PDX POP NOW Vol 2 compilation ( local bands)
2. Smog - Supper
3. The Mountain Goats - Sunset Tree
4. Daniel Johnson compilation of works
5. David Bowie - hunky dory ( i could just cry)

5 idiosyncrasies ( just 5 harv says!!??)

1. I am a pen fiend. Not all pens, mostly gel pens and roller balls.. i have strict criteria for what will pass and not pass.
a ballpoint is harshly scrutinized.. pencils rarely make it into the cup... you all will be touched by this one day as you get to know me better. i usually have half dozen to ten pens on me at all times. I rarely loan them out so dont even ask!
Ive been known to lift a pen from somewhere if its really good. Office Depot to me is as good as Tiffany's... almost.

2. I fear the outdoors and nature. I have been camping once, in my almost 32 years and even then it was frou frou.
I dont mind suffering with good friends tho!

3. I like hot food hot and cold food cold.

4. I wont eat melons. they have veins. certain food textures kill me. ( i only started eating oranges at age 29)

5. Im modest to a fault.. harvey hates this one.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

All IS Forgiven

I agree Rob... as a fan, often ferocious fan, i think it speaks from my heart that no matter what really happened, or what he did he is always loved, and never forgotten..i guess hes my elvis.

Wall in LA

Close up of the wall offerings


Originally uploaded by bizziestix.
Elliott's Birthday. thats all.


YOU must go to this website and look around.

Tell me what you think.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

GBP Cont.

Portland - being such a bike-friendly city and so progressive in alternative transportation has had 4 cyclist injured/killed since SUNDAY. Crayzee.

Ghostbike Project

Im not a cyclist, but many of my loved ones are. This is an installment to commemorate the fall of many cyclists. I think its compelling. You can try to log onto, however it has not been working today.
Remember our Bikefreaks as their wheels of revolution turn.. and when you are driving about:
STAY OUT OF THE BIKE LANE.. Its NOT a turn lane.
sorry. thank you.

Yeah its not gonna be this snowy... but its perty.

Snoqualmie Trip

CANY YOU BELIVE IT?? We get to stay here this week!
NOT. Ok we aregoing to Snoqualmie pass ( Think TWIN PEAKS if you will) but not to stay in this luxury multimilliondollar house..
We will be in quaint little free cabins. Its the last hoorah for harveys family.. 20 people including scads of children, 4 dogs and a parrot. Im nearvous about bizzys behavior around the parrot. I will post actual real photos of us when i get 'em.. meanwhile........

Monday, August 01, 2005


Originally uploaded by bizziestix.
This is us! minus the two kitties.. they stay away from bizzy.
Im glad that bizzy is so cute as to divert attention from my double chin. Bizzy was a 'lil pup in this photo.. It was taken a while ago..