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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Apartment B 103

Hello All,

We have been back home in Nashville, TN for 1 week and four days. So far so good. We are happy to be home, but look back to the fabulous city of Portland with fond memories. There is just no comparison between your HOME and a really cool town. Different things all together. I guess we struggle a bit with "abandoning ship" because people assume we didnt like Portland.
Portland is a great city, we have many people there we care deeply for....... but we had not let go of the connection to this place.. that is all. bla bla bla.

Here is our new apartment. We were a bit out of our element with a more modern setting as this. We have been accustom to buildings that were built in the 1920's and had charm oozing from the walls. This place has ease and convenience. Its comfortable and roomy... so close to our circle of influence..The pool is fantastic i must say.. as is the dishwasher. HA!!

I have been back at work at TSC Marketing (website in progress) for a week. Its great. I love that business, and the women i am fortunate enought to work with. Its challenging and fast paces and fun. Just drowing in creativity.. I really needed this change. So thankful that Teena would want me back. She is an amazing person and dear friend.

Harvey has been pounding the pavement for work. He met with some folks at Baptist but it may take some time to work things out there... He has been looking into work at some old haunts in the meantime.

It has been a week of reuniting with good old friends, old aquaintinces, and some faces that are familiar but unknown. We look around and see things we think we know.... but cant qite place. So much history here - its alot of fun. This town makes me miss my sisters terribly... Nicole and Natasha and my non blood sisters too.. Sonya, Kristie, Billyjo...
But i revel in the blessings of friendship with the people that are still here. We are so rich in love and so thankful.

We have a ways to go - but our roots are getting the nutrients they have so longed for.

We Heart Nashville.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Get the Balance Right

Yesterday was my last day at work. (harveys was last friday). I am so happy to be moving on from this place, but i am so thankful for my time here too. Im thinking of all the wonderful souls i was privledged enough to care for. They are such a light to me, such inspiration. The strenght that those men and women posess...When i feel that i am facing a tough time - i just think of them and know that i can do it.

Katrina has Harvey and I stunned. We have been watching the news coverage with heavy hearts - as we feel that we want to know, we want to see..
but we still feel utterly helpless. I am especially upset by this and i am not sure why - it feels more personal to me than other recent disasters. Perhaps is because its my southern neighbors, and i am swollen with southern pride. Mississippi is the state that i was born in, but i have never spent any time of memory there.. I just ache for those people.. and the beauty and history of that area that has taken such a blow.

Seeing what those people are surviving makes our plight a lot smaller. Its good to get perspective and come out of myself.. focus on the bigger things. That feels like such a funny thought sitting here surrounded by material possessions in boxes wondering if they will survive the move. Suddenly i am not so worried about my favorite red platter. It just does not matter.
i DID NOT mean to rhyme that.

Perhaps the next post will be from home. Nashville, TN.